Why free adult ads denied Charmane Star photos?

Free adult ads sites have a lot of juicy and nice pics, but if you look closely you will notice something: almost all of these sites do not have pictures of pornstars. Odd, huh?
Yes, it is, because the normal order of things would dictate that those in the adult entertainment industry drive adult advertising. Just like athletes advertise sports gear and motorists would appear in car adverts. But no, things don’t always happen in the expected natural order.
There are a number of reasons why most free adult sites are denied photos of porn stars such as Charmane Star. Here are some:
Pornstars want to make a profit out of the use of their content

Adult performers are always looking to make a buck out of the use of their sexuality. It is only fair considering that their nudity and bodies are being used to derive some sort of satisfaction. A look at their profiles will reveal that most double up as escorts, private performers, webcam performers and other jobs along that line. All for that extra buck.
Now, if you look again, you will notice that the ad sites under discussion here are FREE. This means they will offer little or no monetary gain to pornstars who allow them to use their photos. Anything free sounds like an insult to most pornstars. If you don’t believe, go follow your favorite pornstar on social media and ask for a free picture. Not a video. Just a picture. Then come back here with the response.
Performers’ contracts with production companies

Though there may be a handful of pornstars like Charmane Star out there who would allow the use of their pictures on free ad sites, some of them are bound by the contracts they have signed with their production companies. Some of these performers are fairly young when they get into the business and are not wise enough to look well at the details in the papers they sign.
Often, they find themselves owned by the production company for the period of the contract. Such pornstars cannot use any of their explicit pics as they may like.
Pornstars prefer having their own sites

Around two in every three pornstars have their own websites. Porn has become even more professional too. Performers who are wise enough to insist on non-binding contracts are more often than not running a website of their own where they sell their pics and other stuff.
Others ride on the availability of sites like Only Fans to interact directly with the consumers of their products. For such an enlightened pornstar, an ad site asking for free pics would come across as an unnecessary middleman out to ruin their business.
Such a request will often be stamped ‘denied’ without a single moan!

The internet has become commercial just as it has brought free stuff with it. Just as you will easily find free porn, there is a similar effort by pornstars like Charmane Star to make an income from their productions. Performers are today more enlightened about their copyrights and strive to milk every buck out of their art, As such, they will always frown at any request for free stuff, much less requests for photos for adult ad sites such as https://plus18ads.com/.
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